Coming from Sydney, Australia, my roots have given me a real fondness for the intricate heritage that defines London. This deep connection has quite an impact on how I see the cultural and historical richness that wraps around London’s legacy.

The architectural splendour of this city, going back for centuries, never fails to grab my attention. Every time I take a moment to glance up while wandering its lively streets, I’m treated to a display of historical tapestries woven right into the structures. Just a stone’s throw from Return’s Foley Street office, this captivating privilege often goes unnoticed by the locals, serving as a constant source of inspiration for me.

My profession aligns seamlessly with my passion – safeguarding and enhancing the architectural marvels of central London. When Christian Miller presented the opportunity to spearhead projects at Return as Contracts Director, I eagerly seized it. Working for a reputable, growing company with high aspirations like Return, contributing to its future, and thriving in a profession I’m truly passionate about? I’m 100% on board.

One standout quality at Return is the unwavering commitment to continuous improvement in all facets of the business; I have been encouraged by the company’s focus on Health and Safety, a facet I’ve always prioritised in my work. The awareness across the company is inspiring, from planning to on-site execution, reflects safety as a core value deeply embedded in Return’s culture. Equally impressive is the dedication to training, fostering continuous professional development across the entire team. This investment creates an environment where professionalism and excellence are not just goals but inherent in every aspect.

The rewarding element at Return lies in the team’s unwavering commitment, driven by a genuine passion for delivering projects with a strong emphasis on the quality of the finish. This dedication not only serves to attract clients but has also translated into recent successes in securing tenders. Being an integral part of this successful formula is truly invigorating, representing a commendable achievement.

Furthermore, the opportunity to contribute to the strategic growth plans and actively participate in the expansion of the business adds another layer of satisfaction. In the initial 100 days at Return, the addition of an Estimator/Quantity Surveyor and a Contracts Manager, both seasoned professionals, has significantly enhanced our depth and expertise. Collaborating with such outstanding individuals stands as another testament to the positive trajectory of the organization.

As I look forward with anticipation to the upcoming 100 days at Return, my enthusiasm remains high to continue making a meaningful and positive impact on London’s skyline while contributing to the admiration we collectively share for the city when we look up.